Service Overview

A leader in information disclosure, Information Communication Plaza

Seoul Information Communication Plaza is the representative site of the nude project and is a leader in information disclosure service that collects various administrative information of Seoul and returns it to citizens.

Disclosure of various administrative information

You can check all administrative information of Seoul in detail anytime, anywhere.

Disclosure of various administrative information diagram

Disclosure of various administrative information diagram

Disclosure of various administrative information
  • 31 types
  • 76 organizations (Departments)
  • 11,187,861 items available for disclosure(As of October 31, 2015)
administrative information

Internal approval request documents, Meeting information, Residents Participation Projects, Construction Project information, Named Policies, Advance Information Disclosure, Policy Research Data, 120 Key inquiries, Statistics Information, Finance Information, Public Data, Key Project White Books, Expenditure by projects, Budget Explanation, Business Execution Cost

Press Release, Current-affairs Publications, Real-time 120 inquiries, Record management System, Meetings and events Information, Seoul Almanac, Information Disclosure List, Seoul in My Hand, Information Disclosure Regulations, Information Disclosure Request Status, Life statistics, Seoul in Statistics, Seoul at a glance, Make the best Out of it, Frequently Requested Information, Information Disclosure Status

Approval documents service

Information Communication Plaza provides various approval documents produced in Seoul by field. In particular, you can view approval documents from 25 autonomous districts and investment-funded institutions in addition to the Seoul City Office and business offices. In addition, in 'Meeting Information', you can view plans and results for meetings held in Seoul, and 'Real Name Policy System' provides services related to the decision and execution of major municipal policies to secure policy transparency and accountability.

Pre-release service

In addition to approval documents, the Information Communication Plaza discloses information that citizens need to know in advance, such as pre-publication information, business promotion costs, schedule disclosure, and committee meeting information, and policy research data is provided as an integrated window that collects and services scattered policy data and research data.

Information disclosure request service

Information Communication Plaza provides procedures for requesting information disclosure based on the information disclosure list that must be provided by law. In particular, you can search for a vast list of information disclosures, so you can use it very conveniently and make an accurate claim. You can request information disclosure for partially disclosed or undisclosed approval documents of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Municipal policy information service

The Information Communication Plaza collects and provides various municipal government policy information that occurs in various parts of Seoul, such as the Seoul City Council, construction projects, press releases, and major business white papers. You can meet a wealth of municipal information linked with various administrative information of the Information Communication Plaza.

Statistical information service

The Information Communication Plaza provides information such as major statistics, financial information, and organizational operation indicators of Seoul, as well as information such as information disclosure status, in an easy-to-understand manner.

Citizen communication service

We provide life-related information of high interest to citizens and services for citizen participation and utilization. It transparently discloses the plans and implementation process for frequently asked questions and resident participation projects of the 120 Dasan Call Center in Seoul, and provides a collection of curated issues and information of public interest that is processed and provided in an easy-to-understand manner.