Service Overview

The pioneer of information disclosure, Information Communication Plaza

The Information Communication Plaza of Seoul is the pioneer of the information disclosure service. As the main website of the Nude Project, the Information Communication Plaza rounds up various administrative information of the City of Seoul and returns it to the citizens.

Disclosure of various administrative information

It is now possible to access detailed administrative information of the City of Seoul in every aspect. And, in any screen, it is now possible to preview the document and download the originals.

Disclosure of various administrative information diagram

Disclosure of various administrative information diagram

Disclosure of various administrative information
  • 31 types
  • 76 organizations (Departments)
  • 11,187,861 items available for disclosure(As of October 31, 2015)
administrative information

Internal approval request documents, Meeting information, Residents Participation Projects, Construction Project information, Named Policies, Advance Information Disclosure, Policy Research Data, 120 Key inquiries, Statistics Information, Finance Information, Public Data, Key Project White Books, Expenditure by projects, Budget Explanation, Business Execution Cost

Press Release, Current-affairs Publications, Real-time 120 inquiries, Record management System, Meetings and events Information, Seoul Almanac, Information Disclosure List, Seoul in My Hand, Information Disclosure Regulations, Information Disclosure Request Status, Life statistics, Seoul in Statistics, Seoul at a glance, Make the best Out of it, Frequently Requested Information, Information Disclosure Status

Internal approval request documents service

The Information Communication Plaza provides various internal approval request documents of different fields created by the City of Seoul. Especially, in addition to the main office of the City Hall and Business Entities of the city, the users may access the information from the 25 autonomous districts and other organizations funded by the city, allowing access to detailed information the citizens require. Also, the ‘Council Information’ section provides the information on the meetings organized by the City of Seoul from the schedule of the meetings to the minutes. Also, the ‘Policies of Seoul’ section provides the information on the key projects of the city administration and large projects which involve investments more than 10 billion won. This is very helpful for anyone who wishes to access the status information on the various construction projects executed by the city.

Detailed Information

The Information Communication Plaza provides more than the internal approval request documents, including the policy research data, budget explanation, and statistics reports, which are generated by various systems. The advance information disclosure covers the kind of information that could be helpful to the citizens by providing such information before it is requested. There are 353 types of information available from this section. And, the ‘Policy Research Data’ section provides the policy research data and reports, which are scattered across the entire organization, as the one-stop window to access them.

Citizens’ Participation Information

The Citizens’ Participation Information section provides services to promote participation by the citizens, the utilization of such information, and other helpful information for the citizens in their daily life. The 120 Dasan Call Center of Seoul discloses information on the residents’ participation projects, their progress, and answers to frequently asked questions. Also, there are the ‘Issue at a Glance’ section and the ‘Frequently Requested Information’ section, which provides information of interest for the citizens in a single place.

Information Disclosure Request

In the Information Communication Plaza, the information is supplied on the process of requesting an information disclosure based on the list of information disclosure items that are required to be provided by the law. Especially, this section can be quite handy as it is possible to search through the vast list of information disclosure items, allowing the users to clearly understand what kind of information they need to know. It is possible to make an information disclosure request for the partially disclosed or non-disclosed information of the City of Seoul.


Especially, the citizens of Seoul may submit their inquiries if they need further clarification as they view the administrative information disclosed through the Information Communication Plaza. These questions can be asked as replies to the social network sites. When the users use the ‘Inquiry’ section, it is possible to receive replies immediately in connection with the ‘Reply Depository, ‘ which is an electronic civil service portal.



Inquiry process
  1. Policy Suggestion, Inquiries, Civil Services, Opinion
  2. Posting replies(Questions or suggestions)

    1. E-mail Notification → 2. Administrative information Person in charge (Creator, seoul city) → 3. Posting the replies

    Inquiry (Civil service/suggestion/request)

    1. Reply Depository System → 2. Comprehensive Intake Officer (seoul city) → 3. Processing Officer → 4. Notification of the processing results: SMS, e-mails, and SNS, etc.