Principles of promotion

By establishing the basic principle of systematically producing, managing, distributing, and preserving all administrative information as a principle, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has promoted a major innovation in information disclosure awareness and culture. In addition, we have revised and supplemented related laws and systems, and improved the disclosure process.

In order to efficiently implement the public policy from the consumer's point of view following the establishment of the public-private cooperation system, the Open City Administration 2.0 Declaration and the Citizens' Right to Know 10 Principles have been prepared. Through this, consensus was formed while minimizing internal and external backlash caused by the innovative paradigm, and it was used as a charter in the information disclosure process. This is where Seoul’s ‘Nude Project’ was born.

Realization of prior disclosure and information sharing beyond disclosure of information upon request

While establishing the policy direction for Open Municipal Administration 2.0, the city sought a way to keep the basic principle that ownership of administrative information belongs to citizens, and through this we introduced a citizen-centered and user-centered paradigm, breaking away from the producer-centered thinking. We established the principle to create a framework for citizens to immediately utilize and share all administrative information except for non-disclosures specified in the law, rather than exclusive disclosure, which had to be disclosed through several steps, immediately after production.

Preemptive disclosure and sharing of information diagram

Preemptive disclosure and sharing of information diagram

Information disclosure upon request
  1. 1. Citizens
  2. 2. Checking the list of information
  3. 3. Request
  4. 4. Evaluation
  5. 5. Disclosure, Non-disclosure

    Disclosure → Administrative information

Paradigm Change
Preemptive disclosure and information sharing system

Administrative information → Seoul Information Communication Plaza
Citizens → Seoul Information Communication Plaza