Ample Information Disclosure

Ample Information Disclosure

The Information Communication Plaza discloses information about the City of Seoul without concealing anything. Administrative information of various types is gathered up, so that the previously scattered information in different service sections can be used in a single place. In addition, it is possible to access the information on the budget, contracting, and statistics information which always accompany the implementation of the policies, as well as the process flow from the planning to results of the policies, enhancing the accountability and transparency of the administration and advancing it to the next level.

The Information Communication Plaza provides various internal approval request documents of different fields created by the City of Seoul. Especially, in addition to the main office of the City Hall and Business Entities of the city, the users may access the information from the 25 autonomous districts and other organizations funded by the city, allowing access to detailed information the citizens require.

Internal approval request documents

Internal approval request documents - Menu, Service Description, Remarks (Source System)

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List of the internal approval request documents The "List of the internal approval request documents" The "Internal approval request documents" section gathers up the internal approval request documents of the city hall, districts, and organizations funded by the city and discloses them by their types. Business Management System (City Hall) 25 Districts and 17 Agencies
Share Documents with the Mayor The "Share Documents with the Mayor" section discloses the internal approval request documents of the Office of the Mayor (Mayor and Vice Mayor). In this page, the citizens may share access to the key decision making processes regarding the policies of the city. Internal approval request documents of Vice Mayor Level or higher

The meeting information is an information service that discloses varied information about the meetings held by various organizational units of the Seoul Metropolitan City.

Meeting Information Service

Meeting Information Service - Menu, Service Description, Remarks (Source System)

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Introduction to the Committees The "Introduction to the Committees" section provides detailed information on the 153 sub-committees of the metropolitan government by their types. Business Management
Committee Meetings The "Committee Meeting" section provides the schedules for the meetings of sub-committees established and operated under the law, the minutes and resolutions of such meetings. Live Seoul and
Meetings and Events The "Meetings and Events" section provides information on the meetings and events held by the city on a daily basis. Event Management System

Advance information disclosure is an administrative information disclosure service that the city discloses relevant information in advance before the citizens claim information disclosure.

Advance notice service

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Advance Information Disclosure The "Advance Information Disclosure" is the administrative information service which discloses the information before there is an information disclosure request by the citizens. Manual registration
Policy Research Data The "Policy Research Data" section is a one-stop depository of the policy research data of the city and its subordinate organizations. In this section, the users may access valuable research data related to the city. Policy Research Data Registration System
Business Execution Cost The "Business Execution Cost" provides the detailed information on the expenditure of the Business Execution Cost of the mayor’s office (Mayor and Vice Mayor) as well as the high ranking officials of the city government, Grade 4 or higher. Manual registration

In the Information Communication Plaza, the information on the process of requesting an information disclosure based on the list of information disclosure items that are required to be provided by the law is supplied.

Information Disclosure Request Service

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Information Disclosure Request Process The "Information Disclosure Request Process" section provides the Information on how to make the information disclosure requests on the documents, drawings, and photos which are created or obtained and archived by the public agencies, to be provided as copies or print-outs. Introduction to the system and procedure
Disclosure of the Month The "Disclosure of the Month" section provides a carefully selected list of information that is believed to be helpful to the citizens among the items for which there was an information disclosure request. Curation Service
Information Disclosure Request List The "Information Disclosure Request List" section provides access to the list of information for which there was an information disclosure, disclosed or non-disclosed, on a quarterly basis. Provides the results of the information disclosure requests
Information Disclosure List The "Information Disclosure List" provides the list of the administrative information of the city required to be disclosed in accordance with the law. Provides the list of the information
Rules on Information Disclosure The "Rules on Information Disclosure" provides the rules, procedural guidelines, and detailed criteria for non-disclosure of the information in the information disclosure system of the city Information on the related rules

In addition to the approval documents, the information communication plaza collects and discloses documents produced by various systems such as budget manuals and statistical information.

Full menu service

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Information that citizens can participate and share Issue Round-up The "Issue Round-up" is a curation service, which provides administrative information about issues which are becoming of keen interest to the citizens among the items which were included in the media briefings. Curation Service
Noteworthy Information The "Noteworthy Information" section provides information regarding social issues or is closely related to everyday life of the citizens after selecting/identifying and reprocessing such information. Story-telling contents
Citizen’s Information The "Citizen’s Information" section provides the replies to the questions frequently asked at the Dasan Call Center. Citizens’ Participation Space
Policy Suggestion/Inquiry The "Policy Suggestion/Inquiry" section provides information on how to make inquiries or suggestions regarding the administrative information disclosed. Information on Electronic Civil Service Reply Depository, Ten Million Imagination Oasis
Policy Research Support Service The "Policy Research Support Service" provides support for the research activities related to the policies and administration of the city. Policy Research Support Service
Information associated with other services in Seoul Seoul in My Hand The "Seoul in My Hand" Section provides the contents of the "Seoul in My Hand" homepage where the City of Seoul and the citizens create and share contents together Seoul in My Hand
Love of Seoul The "Love of Seoul" section provides the contents of the monthly magazine, "Love of Seoul" published by the City of Seoul. Love of Seoul
My friend Seoul The "My friend Seoul" provides contents of monthly "my friend Seoul" which Seoul city publishes every month. My friend Seoul
Press Release The "Press Release" section provides the press release documents provided by the Media Relations Officer to the media. Media Coverage Management System
Seoul City Council The "Seoul City Council" provides contents that are produced and disclosed by Seoul City Council in connection with various administrative information of information communication plaza. Seoul City Council
Informative information on Seoul City 120 Key Questions The "120 Key Questions" section provides the replies to the questions frequently asked at the Dasan Call Center. Dasan Call Center
Seoul’s Finance Finance Information The "Finance Information" section provides the information on the budget amounts, budget plans and closing, expenditure, details of the budget plan and closing reports, budget explanation, and expenditure details in order to ensure transparency in the Finance operation of the city. Finance Portal, Open Data Plaza
Budget Explanation The "Budget Explanation" section provides the budget explanation documents for each budgeted project of the city registered with the “Seoul Wiki.” Budget Management System
Expenditure by Projects The "Expenditure by Projects" section discloses the budgets and expenditure details of the city projects. Finance Information
Contract Information The "Contract Information" section discloses the details of the contacts included in the Contracting Plaza of the city. Contracting Plaza
Information on the construction projects The "Information on the construction projects" section discloses information on the various construction projects of the city and the related internal approval request documents. Construction Alert
Seoul Metropolitan City Organization Operation Index The "Seoul Metropolitan City Organization Operation Index" discloses the indicators that are managed in relation to the organization of the city such as the number of civil servants, the ratio of positions above the manager level, and the number of residents per public servant. Manual registration
Overseas training report The "Overseas training report" discloses the results of overseas training and overseas travel carried out for the purpose of strengthening the capacity of the public officials in accordance with the Official Training and Education Law. Learning performance management system
Policy and Statistical Information of Seoul Policies of Seoul The "Policies of Seoul" section introduces the key governance projects of the cities, large scale projects which involve an investment of 10 billion won or more, programs on international exchanges and commerce, as well as other key projects of the city government including the details of such programs and their execution. Named Policies Project information
Seoul’s Statistics Life statistics The "Life statistics" section provides interesting and useful information related to the life of the citizens. Seoul Statistics
Seoul in Statistics The "Seoul in Statistics" section provides visual presentations of the key statistics of the city, including the 100 statistics of different domains. Seoul Statistics
Seoul at a glance The "Seoul at a glance" section provides the visualized presentation of the statistics data from (Seoul’s Statistics). Seoul Statistics
Statistics Information The "Statistics Information" section discloses various statistics information registered with the Seoul’s Statistics website. Seoul Statistics
White Papers The "White Papers" section provides the white papers, which cover information and contents of the execution and results of the key events and projects of the city, as well as key social issues and their solutions. Manual registration
Resident’s Participation Projects The "Resident’s Participation Projects" discloses the administrative information regarding various policies in order to make the citizens the true masters of the city through communication and participation. The information on the various residents’ participation project plans and related progress about these is disclosed transparently. Business Management System
Various archived information on Seoul Public Data The "Public Data" section discloses the public data registered with the Open Data Plaza. Open Data Plaza
Records The "Records" section provides the information on the declaration, announcements, city gazettes, rules, and directives of the city registered in the Record Management System. Record Management System
Current-Affairs Publications The "Current-Affairs Publications" section provides the publications by the City History Publication Committee of the city. City History Publication Committee
Seoul Almanac The "Seoul Almanac" section gathers up and provides the city records and other historical information the city has to the public. Manual registration
Photo Archive The "Photo Archive" section provides various photo records of the city accumulated over the period from 1950~1980. Photo Archive