Systematic Information Disclosure

Information Disclosure Process

The Information Communication Plaza uses the internal administrative information system to automatically gather and disclose administrative information such as the internal approval request documents, record management data, budget, research projects, and statistics. Through such an automatic information disclosure system, the creators of the information, who are the civil servant group members, may enhance their productivity, while the users of such information, that is, the citizens, may access and view such information promptly and conveniently. Above all, the city is focusing on enhancing the accountability of the Rights to Information of the citizens and related policies by minimizing the level of discretion regarding the disclosure or non-disclosure of information based of the subjective decision of individual civil servants.

Information Disclosure Process diagram

Information Disclosure Process diagram

  1. 1. Internal Administrative Information System

    Collection/Analysis, Processed Information, etc. → Registration

  2. 2. Document Disclosure System
    • Automatic information gathering
    • PDF Conversion
    • Masking and Filtering
    • Connecting to the related documents
    • Automatic transmission
  3. 3. Automatic transmission to Information Communication Plaza
    • Services provided via smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
    • The Related Documents can be accessed together.
    • Other services such as replies, capturing, or inquiries

    Citizens are connet to Information Communication Plaza site.

Document Disclosure System

The Document Disclosure System is responsible for initially gathering the administrative information, converting it as necessary into various formats, and filtering the privacy information before the information is released in the Information Communication Plaza. The Document Disclosure System performs various functions for administration information itself, including the conversion of the administrative information, filtering of the privacy information, or endowing added-values, so that the Information Communication Plaza may focus on providing the disclosure service alone.

Document Disclosure System diagram

Document Disclosure System diagram

  • 1. Information Gathering
    Link System
    Work Process Management System, Internal Approval System for Districts, Organizations Funded by the Cit, Policy Research Institutes, Record Management System, Administrative Portal, Budge Explanation Management System, Commissioned Academic Research Project Management System, Technical Evaluation Service Management System, Press Coverage Management System, Statistics Information System, Open Data Plaza, Seoul City Council website
  • 2. Document Disclosure System → Original document disclosure system ESB Server
    Document Disclosure System
    Information Gathering, Information Converting, Information Archiving, Organization of Information by the Relationship, Status Management

    Administrative Portal SSO / Administrative Standard API

    IT Security Officer Privacy Information Filtering Solution

  • 3. Information communication plaza

    Open Data Plaza → Information communication plaza

    Information Communication Plaza
    • Manual Registration (Advance Disclosure Information, Minutes of Meeting, etc.)
    • Display of the information disclosure list
    • Drupal CMS
    • CKAN(The Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network)
    • ATOM/RSS
    Information communication plaza
    • Replay Depository(Integrated system for civil services and suggestions)
    • Original document disclosure system(
    • Search Portal(Naver, Google, Daum...)
    • SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Printerest...)
    • Blog/Cafe(Portal Cafe, blog)

    IT Security Officer Privacy Information Filtering Solution → Information communication plaza

Information Communication Plaza

The Information Communication Plaza provides the information disclosure service to the users after gathering the administrative information passed on from the document disclosure system and the information directly registered by the civil servants. Especially, in consideration of the vastness of the administrative information, the system is equipped with various features to facilitate searching and navigating. Also, it provides the overall context of the information through features such as the ‘Related Documents,’ while applying a universal design in order to make the administrative information more accessible to a larger number of people, as a part of our efforts to make the system easier to use for the customers.

Status of the Connected Systems

The Information Communication Plaza provides various administrative information, by connecting to other administrative systems scattered across the region and the internal administrative systems which are not open to the public. As of November 2017, the system is connected to other systems used by 76 organizations of 31 types.

Status of the Connected Systems - Connection System, Disclosed Information, Remarks
Order Connection System Disclosed Information Remarks
1 Work Process Management System Internal approval request documents
2 Internal Approval System for Districts Internal approval request documents 25 Organizations
3 Organizations Funded by the City Internal approval request documents 17 Organizations
4 Policy Research Institutes Policy Research Data 12 Organizations
5 Record Management System Archived electronic documents
6 Administrative Portal Budget Explanation
7 Budge Explanation Management System Budget Explanation
8 Commissioned Academic Research Project Management System Outputs and evaluation results
9 Technical Evaluation Service Management System Outputs and evaluation results
10 Press Coverage Management System Press release and statement
11 Statistics Information System Various statistics
12 Open Data Plaza Data Set
13 Finance Portal Finance disclosure, expenditures by projects, etc. ※ Change Clean Finance -> Finance Portal
14 City History Publication Committee Publications on the history of Seoul
15 Meeting information (register) Information related to meetings
16 Named Policy Program (Classification by the purposes) Information on the policies of the city
17 Information on the meetings and events Information on the events and meetings
18 Construction Alert System Information on the construction projects
19 Seoul in My Hand(Media hub) Daily-life-relevant information for the citizens
20 Photo archive Photo archive information (photos)
21 Love of Seoul Contents related to the Love of Seoul
22 Dasan Call Center 120 Key Questions
23 Information Disclosure Portal List of the internal approval request documents (Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs)
24 Public Data Portal Contract Information (Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs)
25 Korea Open Government License Connected services in conjunction with the Korea Open Government License (KCISA)
26 My friend Seoul Contents created by My Friend Seoul
27 Seoul City Council website Contents created by Seoul City Council