Systematic Information Disclosure

Information Disclosure Process

Information Communication Plaza collects and discloses administrative information produced and managed through the internal administrative information system, such as approval documents, budgets, and research services. Through this open system, the public officials group, the producers, can maximize productivity, and the citizens who use the information can view the information more conveniently and quickly.

Information Disclosure Process diagram

Information Disclosure Process diagram

  1. 1. Internal Administrative Information System

    Collection/Analysis, Processed Information, etc. → Registration

  2. 2. Document Disclosure System
    • Automatic information gathering
    • PDF Conversion
    • Masking and Filtering
    • Connecting to the related documents
    • Automatic transmission
  3. 3. Automatic transmission to Information Communication Plaza
    • Services provided via smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
    • The Related Documents can be accessed together.
    • Other services such as replies, capturing, or inquiries

    Citizens are connet to Information Communication Plaza site.