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Continuous development of Information Disclosure service for citizens

On October 28, 2013, the Seoul Metropolitan Government started a new information disclosure service.

Instead of selecting information to be disclosed and posting it directly, we started the service by creating an information communication plaza, a system that processes internally produced administrative information to be disclosed on the Internet.

By transparently disclosing all administrative information, such as personal information, except information related to non-public matters stipulated by laws and regulations, through the information communication plaza, citizens’ right to know is guaranteed, and transparency and accountability of the administration are ensured to gain the trust of the city administration from citizens, and we're constantly working on it.

In particular, in the case of approval documents, which are administrative information produced the most by public institutions, they are made public the very next day after the production date, and approval documents not only from Seoul metropolitan city, but also from autonomous districts and investment/government-funded institutions are disclosed.

In addition, we provide services so that you can easily find and utilize various administrative information such as pre-public information, meeting information, and research service data.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is going to continue to do its best to provide an ever-evolving information disclosure service by disclosing various administrative information to citizens.