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Serving the citizensContinued Progress of the Information Disclosure Services

On October 28, 2013, the City of Seoul started an unprecedented type of information disclosure service.

Instead of the previous process in which the staff of the city government chose the information to be disclosed and posted it manually, the administrative information created by the government is automatically disclosed over the Internet due to the establishment of the new system, the Information Communication Plaza.

All the administrative information, except for the classified information in accordance with the Privacy Act or other related laws and regulations, is now disclosed through the Information Communication Plaza in order to ensure transparency and complete access to the information by the citizens, with a view to promoting the rights to information of the citizens while ensuring transparency and accountability in the city administration. With this, the City of Seoul is continuing to strive to earn the trust of the citizens.

Especially, in the case of the internal authorization request documents, which is the most common type of document created in public agencies, these documents are automatically disclosed on the following day after their creation. And, not only the main bureau of the City Government but also the 25 self-governing districts and 23 publicly funded or invested agencies are disclosing these documents. Also, the services are provided in a way that various administrative information, including financial, statistical, policy, or research data can be accessed easily.

The administrative information fully disclosed over the period from October 28, 2013 to October 23, 2017 through the Information Communication Plaza includes 12,709,313 internal approval request documents, 8,172 policy/research documents, 14,009 financial information items, 3,963 items related to 120 key inquiries, 1,354 items related to statistics information, and 105,981 record items, totaling 13,079,893 items.

When the city faced the MERS crisis in June 2015, the City of Seoul decided that, as honesty is the most important policy of the city and a fully fledged response is better than a response that comes too late, the transparent disclosure of information is the most important factor in order to allow all the citizens to protect themselves. As a result, the city established the key principle of ‘Immediate Disclosure of MERS information’ and disclosed the line of movement of the patients, in order to enhance the capability to respond to the crisis.
Such a measure was only possible because the city has been engaged in the disclosure of information as a routine matter of conducting its business.

In the future, the citizens will not have to rely on information disclosure requests as they can access the administrative information that is disclosed automatically concerning various issues, which will allow the citizens to obtain and utilize various data and knowledge conveniently and promptly. In accordance with such a trend, the City of Seoul discloses various administrative information to the citizens so that such information can be utilized successfully, while various measures are taken in order to preserve the privacy of the information.

The City of Seoul will continue to do its best to improve its information disclosure services to serve our citizens even better.