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The Information Communication Plaza of Ten Million Citizens, The Foundation for Governance

Information Gathering and Provision

41,000: Employees of the City of Seoul + More than 80: Connected/Provision System + 3 Million: Annual visitors in 2018 More than 20 million administrative information items

Organization of the Information (BRM)

Economy/Industry Information, Administration/Execution Information, Health Information, Housing/Urban Planning, Finance/Budgetary Information, Women/Family Information, Welfare Information, Environmental Information, Traffic/Construction Information, Tourism/Cultural Information

Provides the overall context of the policies

Reporter, Researcher, NGO, Developer
  • Reporter : I can access all the information related to all the policies of Seoul and write good articles!
  • Researcher : I can find the internal approval request documents and budget/expenditure information relevant to my research theme! This is a boon for me!
  • NGO : We need to provide information on Good Shops to the citizens, and we have the execution information here so that we can use the information without asking for it.
  • Developer : We can develop easily as we can find the original documents conveniently! Maybe I can make the 120 FAQ application?

Enhanced delivery to the citizens :

 Governance Supporting Tool → Enhanced accountability and trust